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“After a number of years of using an on-premise solution the decision was made to migrate to LeaseEagle. Through providing our business with the information we need when we need it productivity has increased significantly on day-to-day and monthly basis and particularly during annual budget and financial reconciliation processes.”

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LeaseEagle® Brochure
How do we install an Application Service?
LeaseEagle® operates completely via the Internet, with nothing to install on your network.

Where is the data kept?
In one of Synetek's fully secure data centres, and backed up daily to a non-disclosed secondary location.

Who owns the data?
Each and every LeaseEagle® customer maintains total ownership of their data, and can request a copy in a database format at any time.

Can we integrate LeaseEagle® with our other systems?
As a Java based software application Synetek can provide customised web-services for integration of the LeaseEagle® system with a customers existing IT network.

Can we upload data directly into LeaseEagle® ?
Through a series of standardised Data Upload Templates customers can upload contact, store, lease, franchise, property and sales data directly into their LeaseEagle® database, without having to re-key any data.

What technologies does LeaseEagle® incorporate?
All Synetek products are built and supported by our technology team in Australia. LeaseEagle® leverages both proprietary and open-source technologies, a J2EE platform and a MS SQL database framework.

How much do I pay for updates or upgrades?
As a LeaseEagle® Customer the application is fully managed with updates and upgrades FREE for the entire period of your Subscription.

How regular are the updates and upgrades?
Synetek take an agile approach to program with a product update released monthly and two major system upgrades each year.

Are functional upgrades or customisations available on my request?
Functional development is managed by Synetek however with an in-house technical development team customisation can be provided under a separate contract.

When can I access LeaseEagle®?
Synetek provides a 99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee to all users.

Is LeaseEagle®secure?
The LeaseEagle® system operates with five security levels including SSL 128 Bit data encryption. Our data centres are world standard and far superior to most customer environments. For more information click here to go to the Security page.

Can we install LeaseEagle® locally?
LeaseEagle® is fundamentally a Cloud Application, delivered via the Internet and accessible via encrypted connection to your laptop, PC or smart phone. For very larger businesses Enterprise Edition enables can be deployed and operated within a Client IT network, allowing complete systems integration with 3rd party ERP and financial systems. Custom pricing applies when implementing Enterprise Edition.

What technologies does ® incorporate?
All Synetek products are built and supported by our technology team in Australia. LeaseEagle® leverages both proprietary and open-source technologies including Java (J2EE), Microsoft SQL, Apache Cassandra, Sencha and Bing maps. For more information click here.

Is there a backup of our LeaseEagle® database?
In addition to the system level data backups that are in place on both a local live and remote daily basis Premium Account Customers are also able to request a back up CD/DVD of their data and documents on a monthly, quarterly, annual or ad-hoc basis. Costs are applicable and are based upon the profile of the specific request.

What IT resources will it take from our side?
As a Cloud application LeaseEagle® is fully deployed via the Internet and required virtually ZERO input or support from your IT team. In the situation where your IT team project manages the evaluation, pilot, implementation and/or support of LeaseEagle® our engineering and support teams will be fully qualified and available to ‘talk tech’ and address any specific questions or concerns.

Can our IT department wants to export/interface data within LeaseEagle®?
Our Technical Services Team can be engaged to work with your IT department to create automated data transfers from your LeaseEagle® database to a secondary system/location. This can be done either through web-services, custom report mapping and automated email delivery.