The risk of underestimating corporate leases

If like many companies, occupying or leasing corporate real estate is not core business, you may be inclined to undervalue and under-resource it even though the expense and risks of doing so can be significant.

A lack of experience and domain knowledge in managing corporate real estate assets combined with a lack of visibility, control and management across operational and legal compliance functions are often as great a risk as any financial liabilities.

Maintaining data in spreadsheets will only serve you for so long, until the expansion of business sees your data outgrowing the system.

The effects of fragmented business data creating unreliable or even missing location information can also be underestimated, unpredictable and ultimately significant.

Corporate lease management software made simple

LeaseEagle has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that lease and/or occupy corporate premises, not Landlords.

Created with the user in mind, LeaseEagle’s lease management software delivers an end-to-end business solution for property and finance teams to manage whilst also providing access to operational teams, management and other ‘front-end’ operatives to be able to rely upon that information anywhere, anytime.

By creating a centralised and easily accessible ‘single source of truth’ for the business’ locations, key functions such as reporting, business compliance, finance and accounts payable become more efficient and present less risk of failure.

Features that benefit business

Leases & Sub-leases

Finance & Accounting

Document Management

Critical Event Alerts

Compliance Management

Business Reporting


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