Franchising is about the best systems

To Franchise is to systemise. However, if your only focus is on operations and expansion you could be ignoring your own internal system needs, potentially creating inefficiencies and even barriers to your growth.

In addition, continued regulatory and legislative impacts on franchising have seen a large increase in the information demands placed on Franchisors.

Those ‘unicorn’ franchise systems that have achieved the most success all know the importance of the right internal business systems and their value to:




Simplify your franchise administration management

Trusted by many retail chains as their solution for lease management, LeaseEagle also supports many of Australia’s best retail franchisors.

As franchise and lease agreements are often critically linked, it makes sense to have a single information solution to systematically manage them both.

Through a tighter integration of franchise and lease management LeaseEagle can provide your business with a single source of truth in managing your store network, also providing operational and management teams with access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

These companies are managing hundreds of stores with just a few clicks!

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Features that benefit business

Agreement Management

LeaseEagle includes the ability to manage Franchisee Agreements just like leases. Track critical dates, contacts, royalties, sales, financial charges, custom clauses and options.

Customisable Business Reporting

Ensure visibility into your Franchise Network with detailed performance and benchmark reporting customisable for each Customer and User. Instantly identify store performance across regions, type of locations, store format and landlord.

AR Billing with Auto-Recharging

Where a customer is on-charging to franchisees the integrated billing module can be used to automatically capture these charges for franchisee billing invoices, added to the standard monthly occupancy charges under the sub-lease or occupancy licence.

Automated Date Alerts

Critical event alerts can be automated for key dates such as franchise expiry, option notice dates and specific franchisee charges.

Document Management

Franchise customers are able to use the LeaseEagle Document Bank for the storage and preservation of all franchising documents, and even collaborate with their solicitors. Imagine the franchising team having instant access to a franchisee’s entire documentation record.

Communications Log

LeaseEagle allows customers to record any event or communication regarding each location to ensure that the history of the site can be recorded and preserved. Site visits, franchisee inspections, emails, file notes, disputes and meetings with Landlords/Agents can all be recorded.

See how LeaseEagle benefits your industry


Make managing your retail lease portfolio simple, by giving your team the visibility, control and intelligence needed to maximize performance.


Ensure your business’ operating locations and lease commitments are managed accurately, professionally and without risk.


Maintain the legal and financial oversight your clinics and health facilities require for optimal operation.