Managing locations, not just rents

Healthcare operators are typically managing many unique factors within their real estate portfolios:

  • Delivery of complex and critical services

  • Geographic and operational diversity

  • Strict regulatory and safety controls

  • Complicated and expensive equipment and facilities

The failure to effectively manage real estate portfolios commonly has far more significant consequences than in other industries.

Through a tailored implementation LeaseEagle can be configured to meet these types of diverse needs, operating as an integrated information management solution rather than just another data silo.

Expert lease management software for Healthcare

LeaseEagle is backed by an experienced Client Services team with hands-on industry knowledge and understanding of the real estate considerations within healthcare.

Implementing LeaseEagle makes the task of proactively and professionally managing real estate assets easier for your business.

Features that benefit Healthcare

Contracts Management

LeaseEagle allows the management of any contract, not just property leases. Equipment, service, safety, regulatory or any other type of agreement can be incorporated either per location, or across the business.

Finance & Accounting

Reduce financial reporting time by up to 90% with unified source data enabling instant reporting on property expenses for any financial period – rent roll reconciliations, IFRS reporting, annual forecasts, lease commitments, and payments tracking. Read more.

Document Management

Securely manage documents in an encrypted Document Bank, fully integrated into your LeaseEagle customer account – upload and preserve Leases, plans, drawings, permits, images, emails or virtually any digital file across you require.

Critical Event Alerts

Generate automated system dashboard and email alerts for critical dates such as Expiry/Option Dates, Rent Reviews, Insurances, Early Terminations, Programmed Maintenance, Mid-term Refurbishments and any other custom lease clauses.

Compliance Management

LeaseEagle helps make managing compliance easy, whether operational compliance and recording and tracking events or dates; or detailed financial compliance under IFRS16. Read more.



Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in Australia managing a high volume of leases.

“LeaseEagle helped us to identify and reclaim numerous landlord billing errors and overcharges, particularly around CPI reviews.”
Group Property Manager, I-MED Network Radiology

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