Project management should be simple

Project Management doesn’t need to be complicated. LEProjects has been designed to allow LeaseEagle customers to track business processes and tasks across their businesses in an integrated and more collaborative way.

Ideal for coordinating new Store Openings, Roll-outs, Document Executions and virtually any internal project the LEProjects module provides customisable task templates, project roles and system alerts.

Keep projects connected in your business with integrated collaboration

Rather than relying on more spreadsheets, projects can be quickly activated for any location, document or contact within your LeaseEagle portfolio, enabling process automation as well as improved management and status tracking site-by-site or across the entire portfolio.

Improve process and task management with:

  • Custom Project Templates

  • Detailed task and program tracking

  • Automated user alerts and notifications

LeaseEagle Project Management

LEProjects is an optional LeaseEagle module that is:

  • Customisable to your business needs

  • Fast and simple to use
  • Fully integrated for your property, legal and finance teams

Features that benefit business

Customisable Project Templates

Create custom project templates with pre-defined task lists, program dates, project roles and notifications, allowing users to launch projects quickly using pre-configured data for speed and consistency.

Role-based Task Allocation

Project tasks can be allocated pre-defined user roles to ensure consistency across multiple regions/functions. Once a project is launched individual users can be assigned each project role.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Progress tracking of projects is critical to their successful and efficient completion and for each project users and observers can be automatically notified via email alert for multiple project events and key task status or even delays.

Detailed Project Status Tracking

Project status can be tracked via a traditional Gantt Chart view or our native Task View, both at a single project level, business-wide and even as a project type.

Integrated with Locations,
Documents & Contacts

As a fully integrated module projects can be associated to stores/locations, documents and contacts, enabling a wide range of operational use-cases.

Custom Project Roles

Customers can easily control the various Roles they need to assign and track within their projects.

Lease Reporting and analysis
Project Management

See how LeaseEagle benefits your industry


Make managing your retail lease portfolio simple, by giving your team the visibility, control and intelligence needed to maximize performance.


Ensure your business’ operating locations and lease commitments are managed accurately, professionally and without risk.


Maintain the legal and financial oversight your clinics and health facilities require for optimal operation.