The unique challenges of
retail leases

Managing a retail lease portfolio has unique challenges compared to other corporate portfolios.

The scope and detail of information required to manage retail lease locations is far more significant, impacts more people and thus is of greater risk should data become fragmented or out of date.

For retailers, the relationship between real estate and trading performance is fundamental. Without accurate, reliable and accessible data, the business cannot adequately track or analyse the performance of its store locations.

In addition to reducing the risk of missing critical lease dates, LeaseEagle’s retail lease software makes detailed occupancy analysis simple and delivers significant efficiencies to business process.

Whether you’re wanting to maximize ongoing performance and productivity in a well-established retail chain, or need to support the roll-out of a new agile brand, LeaseEagle will provide the visibility and controls needed across your portfolio information.


As your portfolio grows, you need retail lease management software that will grow with you, to deliver the functionality required for any size portfolio. 

Retail leasing software built for you

LeaseEagle fully understands the needs of retailers and franchisors and has been specifically designed for your unique needs. 

Delivered as an easy-to-use cloud-based software, LeaseEagle is accessed via a web browser, ensuring all your users will have the information they need whenever they need it – in head office, or in the field.

LeaseEagle is an all-in-one retail lease management software platform that provides superior visibility and control across the store portfolio, delivering the specific functionality retailers require for:

Finance & Accounting

Reduce financial reporting time by up to 90% with unified source data that enables instant reporting on property expenses for any financial period – rent roll reconciliations, IFRS reporting, annual forecasts, lease commitments, and payments tracking. Read more.

Store Operations

When on site, empower your operations team with the information they need in their day-to-day operations, and enable the management and tracking of site visits, correspondence and documentation.

Legal Compliance

Our retail leasing software securely preserve legal documentation, and maintains compliance with key contractual requirements via automated email alerts. Read more.

Document Management

Securely manage documents in an encrypted Document Bank, fully integrated into your LeaseEagle customer account – upload and preserve Leases, plans, drawings, permits, images, emails or virtually any digital file across you require.

Performance Analysis

With integrated sales data and custom portfolio reporting tools, you can keep track of store performance and key real estate indicators such as Sales MAT, Sales Productivity and Occupancy Cost Percentages.

Business Reporting

Customize and automate your reporting with our advanced point & click report building technology. Retail lease software reports across the portfolio or segment by profile, and by any period, including detailed annual forecasting.

Lease Management software dashboard screen example

LeaseEagle natively includes the option of integrating turnover data, providing occupancy performance management at an individual store level, across the portfolio and segmented by brand or profile of store.

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Retail lease software features

Sales Data Integration

Fully integrate sales data for the analysis of store performance, the automated calculation and accrual of percentage rents and the tracking of any sales-based rent rebates.

Tracking Turnover Rent

Have LeaseEagle automatically calculate your turnover thresholds or any percentage rents payable, and accrue monthly or annually.

BI Reporting

Use the many data points and performance metrics within LeaseEagle’s retail lease management software to automate detailed business intelligence reporting, or easily integrate with existing systems to consume property data.

Sales Reporting

Streamline the reporting of monthly sales data to Landlords to save hours in monthly lease administration and processing.

Portfolio Analysis

Actively managing a retailer’s property portfolio is crucial to the business’ success and with LeaseEagle Benchmark Analysis and Portfolio Profiling becomes just a matter of a few clicks.

Network Mapping

Automatically network map your portfolio, segment by profile, track distances, routes, radial zones and even define custom trade areas.



Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in Australia managing a high volume of leases with our retail leasing software.

“We are a fast-paced Retail business with multiple trading brands and a dynamically growing portfolio. Not just a database, LeaseEagle provides us with the critical alerts, detailed reporting, lease compliance and the administrative efficiencies we require, as well as the ability to accurately process our landlord invoices in a timely manner.”

Jan Hyde – Commercial Leasing Manager, Accent Group Limited

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