Tired of not being able to access your business’ property data?

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If your business leases or occupies properties, having easy access to this information is essential for good business. However, if stored across multiple systems or in spreadsheets this data will become fragmented, out-of-date and unreliable – making things significantly more difficult for your business.

LeaseEagle creates a “single source of truth” for your business, ensuring fast and reliable access to your key property information, as well as advanced portfolio and financial reporting.

So whether in retailing, healthcare, commercial, industrial or Government, LeaseEagle can be customised to deliver for your business’ requirements.

Any location

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multi-location businesses

Different industries, different needs, one solution

Lease Management Software as unique as your business.


Make managing your retail lease portfolio simple, by giving your team the visibility, control and intelligence needed to maximize performance.


Ensure your business’ operating locations and lease commitments are managed accurately, professionally and without risk.


Maintain the legal and financial oversight your clinics and health facilities require for optimal operation.

Trusted by tenants in
over 50 countries

LeaseEagle is already trusted to manage more than 30,000 leases for tenants globally. See how better data visibility, customised reporting and automations can significantly improve property management in your business or organisation.


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A solution at every step

Lease Management software to meet your every need

The core LeaseEagle system is specifically designed for you to better manage your business locations by creating a single-source of information for your property portfolio. In addition to providing all of the functionality you’d expect to have in a tenant’s lease management system, LeaseEagle is also highly configurable, ensuring the solution can be tailored to meet your individual business needs, as well as integrated with existing information systems.


Comprehensive management of location information – inc. property details, lease commitments, occupancy costs – in a single, centralised system.

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& Financials

Streamlined invoice processing with automated contract-matching, ERP system integrations, enhanced payment controls and productivity gains of as much as 90%.

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Integrated management of lease data, key business assumptions and detailed reporting required under the IFRS16 lease accounting standards.

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Centralised management of franchise agreements, franchisees, billings and documentation to enhance systems’ operations and simplify code compliance.

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Customisable project templates with integrated task management, progress tracking and automated user alerts.

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& Analysis

Advanced analysis tools for customisable property, financial and business intelligence reporting in real time.

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We’ve worked with some of the biggest names across the world managing a high volume of leases.

“We realised that the LeaseEagle system could capture any variant contract with ease and in a MUCH shorter period of time. Our only advice to other businesses is that they should definitely use LeaseEagle-”– Bianca Alfino, Property Administrator, South Africa 

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