The risk of unreliable data

When managing a business with a portfolio of operating locations, the information required extends far beyond just the lease agreements.

Lease management software with the simple intelligence you need

When real estate is a significant cost or a strategic priority for a business the need for it to be managed well is fundamental, and the controls, alerts and analysis required to support these teams also critical.

Designed by property people, LeaseEagle simplifies the management of your business’ real estate portfolio, making it easier to deliver more when you need it.

For retailers, the seamless integration of turnover data ensures that occupancy cost benchmarking, portfolio analysis and percentage rent tracking are calculated automatically and available at the click of a mouse.

For any multi-site business easily forecast or compare occupancy charges and conditions for any site by profile, region, status, expiry, ownership, landlord, lease terms, property or custom categories.


“Our property team across Australia and New Zealand can run reports in real time, track critical lease dates and contract options, and set alerts and reminders.”

Dean Batchelor — Director of Business Development, Specsavers ANZ

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Never question your data again

In creating a single, reliable source of critical information, LeaseEagle lease portfolio management ensures that you and your business can easily access the data you need, when you need it.

At the very heart of LeaseEagle is a core information management system purely designed with you, the tenant, in mind.

Everything in the core LeaseEagle system is location-centric, providing your business with a platform to deliver all of the functionality you need and in the way you want it.

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Features that benefit business

Live Portfolio Dashboard

Automated User dashboard with role-based functionality, portfolio and performance charting, critical event alerts and customisable layout.

Portfolio Profiling

Profile locations within your property portfolio based on pre-defined attributes such as size, type/format, ownership, landlord/management, performance, region and more.

Financial Forecasting

Automate the forecasting of occupancy expenses for all future lease years, enabling full financial year budgeting and reporting, including part month increases and expiries/renewals.

Customisable Report Builders

Customise reports on any/all location, lease or expenses within seconds. Includes saved templates and Excel exporting.

Performance Analysis

With integrated sales data and custom portfolio reporting tools keep track of store performance and key real estate indicators such as Sales MAT, Sales Productivity and Occupancy Cost Percentages.

Auto-Report Scheduling

Enable the automated delivery of saved report templates via email and SFTP for workflow management and/or integration of predefined data payloads with third-party systems.

Critical Event Alerts

Generate automated system dashboard and email alerts for critical dates such as Expiry/Option Dates, Rent Reviews, Insurances, Early Terminations, Programmed Maintenance, Mid-term Refurbishments and any other custom lease clauses.

Percentage Rent Tracking

Automate the calculation of breakpoints and thresholds for percentage rent clauses, as well as the tracking and accrual of any additional rental. Includes natural base rent thresholds, fixed and indexed thresholds and multi-range or rate calculations.

BI Reporting

Use the many data points and performance metrics within LeaseEagle to automate detailed business intelligence reporting, or easily integrate with existing systems to consume property data.

See how LeaseEagle benefits your industry


Make managing your retail lease portfolio simple, by giving your team the visibility, control and intelligence needed to maximize performance.


Ensure your business’ operating locations and lease commitments are managed accurately, professionally and without risk.


Maintain the legal and financial oversight your clinics and health facilities require for optimal operation.